Tongass Historical Museum Exhibits

Exhibits inspire, educate and connect.

Explore Ketchikan’s history and heritage through exhibits, past and present.

Tongass Historical Museum Exhibits

Exhibits inspire, educate and connect.

Explore Ketchikan’s history and heritage through exhibits, past and present.


Ketchikan Is…

Resiliant. Independent. Resourceful. These words surfaced repeatedly from community members as this exhibit came to life. Add in unrelenting rain and back-breaking rock and watch the dynamics of this unique town emerge. We invite you to take a journey through Ketchikan’s past to better understand the present and be inspired for our future.

Industries leave their imprint on Ketchikan. Here, a sign from the Ketchikan Pulp Mill (1954-1997) reminds us of the once thriving logging industry.
New exhibit opens March 4!


Sustaining Community: How We Gather & Why It Matters

MARCH 4, 2022 - JANUARY 21, 2023

Explore the idea of community, from the ways and reasons we gather to the ways we develop a sense of identity and meaning from those interactions with people and place.

Interviews, images, and objects tell a story across time of our enduring lifestyle and community pride, and contribute further layers of meaning to our shared history.

Photo captions, left to right from top to bottom. Row 1: Members of a Spokane, Washington, square dancing club joined Ketchikan's "Deer Mountaineers" for a jamboree and exhibition at the Elks Hall, May 20, 1953, KM 2003.2.63.2384. Blueberries, Ketchikan Indian Community (KIC). Marching band, circa 1900, THS The Mother Robe, KM Herring eggs, photo by Arizona Jacobs, L2022.1.23.1. Row 2: Holly Churchill with weaving students, 2019.95. Clam basket woven by Holly Churchill, 1986, KM Wayne Hewson and Michelle Eakman in an Introduction to Northwest Coast carving class, 2018. Group of Filipino girls dressed up. Ketchikan Daily News Photograph Collection, KM Kailani Clevenger at a Black Lives Matter rally, 2020. KM 2021.2.7.33. Row 3: Ketchikan woman's basketball team, 1904, THS Setting a net for sockeye, KIC. Cooked salmon eggs, KIC. Tongass Tlingit Dancers at the Elks Club, 1957, KM 2003.2.63.2873. Spruce tips, L2022.4.2.8. Row 4: Tatsuda’s IGA “kiddie cart”, KM 2020.2.34.2 A&B. Harvesting sea asparagus, KM 2022.2.1.51. Start of the Orange Crate derby race, July 4, 1956, KM 2003.2.63.691. Slug race at the 2013 Blueberry Arts Festival. Brooke and Tosh Ratzat salmon fishing. Row 5: Kenneth White and Christina Weber steam bending a box during the Big Bend box-bending workshop, 2018. Tony Perkowsky with his 66 pound 7 ounce King salmon Derby wining fish, 1951, THS Artist/model Barbara Morgan wearing “A New Chimera” in the 31st Annual Wearable Art Show, 2017. Shauna Lee and Ray Troll during the Ratfish Wranglers performance at Music on the Dock, 2017. Mrs. Giebel and a friend sunbathing on rocks, early 1900s, THS Row 6: Halibut schooner fleet at Ketchikan Cold storage dock, 1930, THS Strips of Sockeye, KIC. Picnic party at Mud Bay, 1914, THS Cockle on the beach, KIC. Salmonberries, KIC.


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Past Exhibits

Past exhibits feature the many authentic stories from Ketchikan’s unique past, curated through photos and artifacts from the museum collection in addition to loans from the community.